Use Mendeleev's Periodic Table to predict the formulae for the oxides of the following elements: K, C, AI, Si, Ba.
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K - K2O

C - C2O4 or CO2

Al - Al2O3

Si - Si2O4 or SiO2

Ba2O2 or BaO

Oxygen is a member of group VI A in Mendeleev's periodic table. Its valency is 2. Similarly. The valencies of all the elements listed can be predicted from their respective groups. This will help in writing the formulae of their oxides.

(i) Potassium (K) is a member of group IA. Its valency is 1. Therefore, the formula of it is K2O.

(ii) Carbon (C) is a member of group IV A. Its valency is 4. Therefore, the formula of it is C2O4 or CO2.

(iii) Aluminium (Al) belongs to groups III A and its valency is 3. The formula of its oxide is Al2O3.

(iv) Silicon (Si) is present in group IV A after carbon. Its valency is also 4. The formula oxide is Si2O4 or SiO2.

(v) Barium (Ba) belongs to group II A and the valency of the element is 2. The formula of oxide of the element is Ba2O2 or BaO.

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