Plastic chairs ;find their presence in every office and household. With a wide range of designs and variety, they could fit in every decor style. Plastic furniture was first designed and made popular by Douglas Simpson and James Donahue in 1946, since then they have become very popular in every part of the world.


Some advantages of using plastic Chairs include:

Unbreakable: Furniture made from good quality plastic such as PVC seldom breaks. When tested for maximum weight and pressure that plastic furniture could handle and it turns out that good grade plastic furniture is as strong as furniture from any other material.

No effect of change in environment: Further, it never cracks when exposed to environmental changes like sunlight and cold. They could be suitably used in air-conditioned office rooms as well as for outdoor seats or even for visitors in offices.

More elastic strength: The good deal is they do not easily break even when dropped from a height.

No effect of termites Plastic furniture does not get affected by termites, unlike wood furniture.

No rusting they do not rust unlike iron furniture when exposed to air and moisture


Some attractive features of plastic Chairs :

Weather Proof: These chairs are weatherproof and therefore can be placed outdoors on patios and gardens.

Variety: Plastic chairs are available in a huge range of varieties which include different sizes, colors, and styles. It is easy to find chairs that suit different types of home and office decors.

Attractive Combinations: Plastic chairs can be found in different attractive combinations. It is easy to find chairs made with a combination of plastic and chrome which appear both elegant and stylish.

Styles: These chairs are available in a range of styles which vary according to the comfort factor. There are reclining chairs, study table chairs, kids' chairs, and various other types which can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates. There are plastic chairs that are padded and upholstered for comfort and elegance. These types of chairs are also made of plastic and steel. It is quite easy to move around these furniture types as it is light in weight.

Easy to Maintain: These chairs are easy to maintain and clean. It can be cleaned with soap and water.

Durable: These chairs are durable compared to other types of furniture.

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